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High-End Pineapple Acrylic Wall Art


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Adorn your interior with the pinnacle of luxury – the ‘High-End Pineapple Acrylic Wall Art’ from Laser Cut Guy, Cairns’ premier destination for ‘Custom Art’. Our latest offering is a sublime piece that encapsulates the vibrant energy of summer and the lushness of a tropical paradise.

Crafted with unmatched attention to detail, this ‘Laser-Cut Pineapple Art’ piece reflects the rich textures and sumptuous landscapes of Cairns, allowing you to bring the opulence of Queensland’s tropics into your abode. Ideal for discerning art lovers seeking to infuse their spaces with warmth, sophistication, and a touch of the exotic.

Our ‘Customisable Acrylic Art’ provides an array of options, allowing connoisseurs to select dimensions and finishes that perfectly align with their space’s ambiance. This ‘Luxury Wall Art’ series is perfect for those looking to invest in a unique piece that showcases their individual taste and the exclusive quality of Laser Cut Guy.

Make a statement in your home or office with this breathtaking ‘Pineapple Acrylic Artwork’, a symbol of Cairns’ artistic spirit and your refined aesthetic. Choose our ‘Bespoke Wall Art’ collection for a year-round celebration of summer’s luxury and elevate your decor with a masterpiece that’s as unique as your personal style.

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Ask in notes if require a custom colour, Black, White


Gloss, Matte


500 High x 330 Wide, 600 High x 400 Wide, 900 High x 600 Wide

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