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Multilayered Turtle Wall Art by Laser Cut Guy


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“Multilayered Turtle Wall Art by Laser Cut Guy – A Masterpiece of Precision and Design”

Enhance your decor with the captivating beauty of Laser Cut Guy’s ‘Multilayered Acrylic Turtle Wall Art’. This exquisite piece, boasting intricate layers and a lifelike design, is the epitome of laser-cut precision and artistic craftsmanship.

Each acrylic layer is meticulously shaped to highlight the natural elegance and detail of the turtle, making it a perfect fit for both nature lovers and art aficionados. This ‘3D Turtle Wall Art’ is not just a decor item; it’s a statement piece that brings the essence of the tropics into your living space.

Proudly based in the scenic Cairns, Queensland, Laser Cut Guy draws inspiration from the local splendor, ensuring every art piece reflects the region’s vibrant ecosystem. Our commitment to excellence guarantees an enduring work of art that’s as durable as it is stunning.

Now with the convenience of Australia-wide shipping, Laser Cut Guy’s wall art is accessible to all seeking to add a touch of Queensland’s charm to their interiors. Embrace the opportunity to own a piece of this tropical allure with our ‘Acrylic Turtle Wall Decor’, and let your home bask in the depth and elegance of our creative vision.

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255mm wide x 150 high, 400mm wide x 240mm high, 600mm wide x 400mm high

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