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Duo Acrylic House Plaque – Precision & Elegance | Laser Cut Guy


Introducing the “Duo House Plaque” – a unique and stylish way to make your home stand out in Cairns, Queensland. Crafted with precision and artistry, this double-layered plaque adds a touch of elegance and distinction to your residence.


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Welcome to a new era of home distinction with Laser Cut Guy’s “Duo House Plaque” – the ultimate statement of elegance and individuality for your Cairns residence. This double-layered, laser-cut acrylic sign is not just a tool for identification; it’s a masterpiece tailored to echo the unique charm of your home.

Every Duo House Plaque is a work of art, providing a customizable canvas that complements the architectural nuances of your abode. Choose from a suite of designs to match the vibe you wish to convey – be it modern sophistication, timeless elegance, or a distinctive flair that stands out in the Queensland landscape.

Engineered for endurance, our plaques boast high-grade materials capable of withstanding Cairns’ diverse climate. This ensures your address sign remains as a beacon of your family’s heritage, come rain or shine.

For those in pursuit of ‘luxurious home signage’, ‘personalized address markers’, or ‘premium quality house plaques’, the Duo House Plaque is the perfect synthesis of style and resilience. Make your mark with a piece that’s more than an address – it’s a signature of your home’s identity.

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300mm x 155mm, 390mm x 200mm

Back plate colour

Berry, Coral, Jade, Lilac, Peach, Yellow

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